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Deonar Bongiya Parishad

Deonar Bongiya Parishad (DBP) is a registered (No: Bom / F-5613 GBBSC) socio-cultural association of Bengali people in Anushaktinagar and Deonar region

It promotes the Bengali culture and maintain socio-cultural relation with other regional communities. DBP started it’s journey in Anushaktinagar in the year 1975 by a group of enthusiastic bengali scientists of Bhabha Atomic research Centre. The idea behind this formation was to create an umbrella for all nearby bengali people to conduct annual events, such as Durga Puja and Kali puja. The first ever Durgapuja was held at Anushaktinagar in 1975 followed by official registration of DBP as a trust in 1978. By the year 1991, AnushatinagarKalibari Association, which was run by another group of bengali people, was merged with DeonarBongiyaParishad with a bigger aim to promote bengali culture. DBP started weekly Bengali class among local children and interested adults to teach and promote bengaliwriting and reading skill. A massive membership drive was organised and moer than 600 people was enrolled as life member of DBP.
Presently DBP organizes annual competitions - drawing, sports, music, recitation, and the Annual PratishthaDibas. Music, dance, yoga & Bengali language classes are held regularly. It has a library of Bengali books and magazines and a Kali temple where regular puja and Amabashya Pujas are held. Durga puja, Laxmi puja, Kali puja, Saraswati puja are also organised by DBP in Anushaktinagar which remains one of the major attraction for the local people as well as other Bengalis in Mumbai.

Establishment of Anushaktinagar

DAE residential complex Anushaktinagar is established


First Saraswati Puja

First ever community Saraswati Puja was conducted in Anushaktinagar by then Bengali people of the Anushaktinagar


Formation of DBP & first Durga puja

Deonar Bongiya Parishad was formed and first ever community Durga puja was conducted in Anushaktinagar


DBP Registration

DeonarBongiyaParishad was registered in Charity commission to conduct Durgapuja and Kalipuja


DBP’s first address

DeonarBongiyaParishad was allotted a room near Takshashila building to conduct its activity and this became DBP’s first official address


Anushaktinagar Kalibari Assoniaction

AnushaktinagarKalibari Association (AKA) was formed under a different umbrella to establish a Kali temple in Anushaktinagar


Formation of DBP & first Durga puja

A small Kali temple was constructed at Anushaktinagar to workship goddess Kali

24 March

Amalgamation of DBP& AKA

DeonarBongiya Parishad and Anushaktinagar Kalibari association were formally amalgamated under a single umbrella. Necessary constitutional changes were done


Bengali class

Bengali class was started by DBP members, to teach Bengali language and writing skill among children and interested adults of Anushaktinagar


DBPMembership drive

A consolidated membership drive was launched to enrol interested person as life members of DBP


Kalimandir is now a part of DBP

Constitutional changes were made and corresponding records at Charity commission was updated to include Kalimandir as an integral part of DeonarBongiyaParishad


Upgradation of Kalimandir

The Garvagriha of DBPKalibari was upgraded in steps

2007 -2012

Kali Mandir

The history of establishment of Kali mandir at Anushaktinagar

The history of establishment of Kali mandir at Anushaktinagar is dated long ago in 1983, when AnsuhaktinagaKalibari Association (AKA) had raised fund to establish a small Kali temple at Anushaktinagar. The kali temple was popular among local bengali people it got support from others too. However, with the expansion of Anushaktinagar residential complex, it was necessary to relocate many religious establishments to a new designated area. In 1991 AnsuhaktinagaKalibari Association was formally merged with DBP for bigger purposes and constructed the present Kali temple. The present Kali Mandir was inaugurated in 24th March of 1993 and from there on, this day is being celebrated as the Establishment day of DBP. The architecture and internal decorations of Kali Mandir was upgraded time to time.

Amavasya Puja was held at Kali Mandir in every Amavasya which remains a great attraction among the people of Anushaktinagar. Apart from annual festivals, the Kalimandir is open to the devotees every day from 7am to 10 am in the morning as well as 6pm to 9pm in the evening. Devotees interested in offering prayer or special puja may get in touch with the Mandir committee.

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Mandir Timing Morning 7am- 10am, Evening 6pm- 9pm


Library will open every Saturday from 6 p.m. to 7.30 p.m.


All Religious & Bengali Culture festivals are conducted on timely manner.