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What is DBP?
Deonar Bongiya Parishad (DBP) is a registered (No: Bom / F-5613 GBBSC) association of Bengali people in Anushaktinagar and Deonar region. DBP is a socio-cultural organization. It promotes the Bengali culture and maintain socio-cultural relation with other regional communities. DBP organizes annual competitions - drawing, sports, music, recitation, and the Annual Day. Music, dance, yoga & Bengali language classes are held regularly. It has a library of Bengali books and magazines and a Kali temple where regular puja and Amabashya Pujas are held. Festivals - Durga puja, Laxmi puja, Kali puja, Saraswati puja - are held by DBP.
The objectives of the Parishad are:
• To foster Bengali culture, achieve economic, social, educational, spiritual moral, and general uplift of the community of the locality by selfless service and maintaining harmony with other community.
• To observe and celebrate important public, social, Bengali cultural and functions and festivals.
• To organize Annual Durga Puja, Lakshmi Puja, Saraswati Puja, daily and special worship of Goddess Kali according to Bengali Socio-cultural rituals.
• To organize and run a library and reading room for the members, who may be interested to furnish the same with books, periodicals, reviews, magazines, newspapers, and other Bengali publications.
• To establish, conduct, maintain sport activities and other physical education of all types for the benefit of the members and their family members.
• To arrange for intellectual discussions and to maintain and to create interests in Science, Bengali culture, Literature, art and also to arrange and hold lectures, seminars and Bengali film shows on educational subjects and / or subjects connected with science, art, religion and entertainment.
• To promote the study, practice and knowledge of dance and Bengali music, especially choral, orchestral, operative and instrumental and other forms of music through organization or recitals, concerts and such other cultural entertainments and functions as are incidental or conducive to the objects of the Parishad.
• To render service at the time of natural and national calamities including national emergencies.
• To foster friendship and co-operation with other non-political, ethnic socio-cultural-religious organizations and people of all walks of life, having similar objectives.
• To help members while on medical care in hospital or at home in the form of attendance, blood donation etc. and to help the members and their families for performing the last rites in case of death.
• To encourage and conduct educational activities in arts, science, technology and other subject that may be decided.
• To accept and receive in any manner any cash, movable or immovable property either unconditionally or conditionally or in connection with festivals in furtherance of the avowed activities of the Parishad.
The interested person come may contact any of the managing committee members to join DBP. The membership form is available online and can be filled online. Upon successful filing of membership form, the interested person should be pay the membership fee. The membership will be approved after successful verification by the admin and correspondingly notifications will be sent.

Mandir Timing Morning 7am- 10am, Evening 6pm- 9pm


Library will open every Saturday from 6 p.m. to 7.30 p.m.


All Religious & Bengali Culture festivals are conducted on timely manner.